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Natural Abundance Food Cooperative General Manager in Aberdeen, South Dakota

General ManagerObjective: To manage co-op operations to meet board defined ends within board defined limits.Reports to: Board of DirectorsSupervises: All Employees of Natural Abundance Food Co-opResponsibilities:The primary responsibilities of the General Manager are outlined within the Policy Governance Manual, including achievement of organizational ENDS, within established EXECUTIVE LIMITATIONS, specifically including:1. Planninga. Coordinate preparation of business plan with annual and multi-year operating capital and cash budgets for board approval.b. Develop long-range development plans that incorporate the ENDS as defined by the BOD and fall within established Executive Limitations.c. Assist board president with organizing board meeting agendas and board work plan.d. Set measurable objectives for all departments and review department reports periodically.e. Plan and implement changes in store facilities, including budget development and operational implementation.f. Represent the co-op in all contract negotiations, ensuring adequate legal and expert consultation.g. Participate in regional and national co-op and industry organizations. h. Lead regular team meetings.2. Financea. Report to board on financial performance of co-op. Provide financial analyses of current operations and future.b. Ensure preparation of annual capital, operating, and cash flow budgets (1-year and 5-year) and submit to the board for review.c. Monitor deviations from budget, take corrective action, and report to board on actions taken.d. Approve capital expenditures within the board accepted budget.e. Monitor sales growth, cash flow and financial obligations.3. Operationsa. Ensure compliance with all applicable laws: business licenses, permits, health regulations, labor laws, etc.b. Ensure prompt, friendly, knowledgeable customer service on the part of all staff. c. Develop and review store policies and procedures as needed.d. Ensure asset protection including adequate insurance for co-op and maintain safety and security of building, equipment, inventory,staff and customers.e. Ensure cleanliness, safety, and maintenance of the co-ops physical plant.f. Oversee expansion, remodel and major repair and maintenance projects (negotiate with landlord(s) as needed).4. Marketing and Member Servicesa. Work with board and/or staff to plan and coordinate co-op sponsored community events.b. Work with board and/or staff to implement membership development and involvement in programs and capital share programs.c. Communicate with membership through available forums (newsletter, social media, events, special mailings, etc.)5. Human Resourcesa. Ensure timely evaluations for management staff based on written job descriptions and performance standards.b. Ensure orientation and on-the-job training for all staff.c. Take disciplinary action as needed following established policies.d. Administer and approve pay increases for all employees.6. Perform other tasks assigned by the board.a. Maintain and enhance the co-ops relationship with the community.b. Represent the co-op to strategic and industry partners.c. Perform other tasks that may be assigned by the board.Job Conditions:Frequent physical activities are standing, walking, talking, reaching, repetitive wrist motion, sitting, grasping, hearing, and handling. Incumbent also bends, climbs, and stoops. There is frequent lifting of 20 pounds or more required in the position. May work over 40 hours per week.Expected to be present during busiest hours on a regular basis. Schedule is flexible, weekend and evening meetings. Schedule should reflect the demands and needs of the store.Required Skills and Qualifications:At least five years work experience. Preference(not required) of experience in retail food management or restaurant management.Ability to develop and implement a strategic vision.Personal and professional values that align with co-operative principles, including a passion for natural and local foods.Demonstrated