Aberdeen School District Indian Education Tutor in ABERDEEN, South Dakota

Category: Tutors/Indian Education TutorDate Posted: 9/20/2018Location: DistrictwideDate of Availability: As soon as possibleDate Closing: Open until filledHours:Approx. 18 hours per week during the hours of 8am - 4pmSalary Range:$10.13 per hour, this position does not include benefits.Experience: Job related experience is required.Education: High School Diploma/GED required. Targeted, job related education with study in job-related area.Certificates: Valid driver's license.Clearances: Employment is contingent upon a Criminal Justice Fingerprint/Background Clearance.The job of Indian Education Tutor - General Instructional tutoring is done for the purpose/s of supervision and instruction of individual and/or small groups of students in grades K-12; and providing instructional and clerical support to the Indian Education Department. This job reports to Indian Education CoordinatorEssential Functions:Attends meetings and in-service presentations for the purpose of acquiring and/or conveying information relative to job functions.Assists students, individually or in small groups, with lesson assignments (e.g. read stories, listen to students read, providing writing assistance, reinforce English lessons, provide spelling practice, facilitate activities, computer learning programs, etc.) for the purpose of practicing and/or reinforcing learning concepts and assisting students in reaching their academic goals and grade level standards.Implements instructional programs and lesson plans for the purpose of assisting the Indian Education Program in improving students' academic success through a defined course of study.Maintainswork area, student files/records (e.g. adapting instructional materials, maintaining organized work area, taking attendance, checking homework, grading papers, lunch counts, emergency cards, audio visual equipment, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring availability of items and/or providing reliable information.Monitors individual and/or groups of students in a variety of settings (e.g. classroom, library, etc.) for the purpose of enforcing school rules and procedures and/or providing a safe and positive learning environment.Performs record keeping and clerical functions (e.g. copying, collect/distribute supplies, make displays/bulletin boards/phone calls, etc.) for the purpose of supporting the Indian Education Program and/or providing necessary records/materials.Promotes good habits for the purpose of improving the quality of student outcome and encouraging student development.Substitutes for other IEO tutors and/or IEO office staff as needed for the purpose of maintaining consistent student service and education in the absence of other staff members.Driving maybe required, with mileage reimbursement.Assists other Indian Education Department staff as may be required for the purpose of supporting them in the completion of their work activities.Job Requirements: Minimum QualificationsSkills, Knowledge and AbilitiesSKILLS are required to perform multiple tasks with a potential need to upgrade skills in order to meet changing job conditions. Specific skill based competencies required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job include: operating standard office equipment including using pertinent software applications; preparing and maintaining accurate records.KNOWLEDGE is required to perform basic math; read a variety of manuals, write documents following prescribed formats, and/or present information to others; and understand complex, multi-step written and oral instructions. Specific Knowledge based competencies required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job include: concepts of grammar and punctuation; stages of child development and learning styles; and age appropriate activities.ABILITY is required to schedule activities and/or meetings; gather, collate, and/or classify data; and use job-related equipment. Flexibility is required to work with others; work with data utilizing defined and simi