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Par Government Systems Corporation Planning Engineer in Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota

This position will provide the 28th CES with Air Force project programming capabilities. The Planning Engineer will support the mission to evaluate and recommend programs and development plans for new construction, renovation, and improvements of real property facilities including utility systems, utilizing a professional knowledge of multi-discipline engineering. The Planning Engineer will be part of a team providing support for the accomplishment of Operations and Maintenance (O&M), military family housing (MFH), non-appropriated fund (NAF), Special Interest programs, host-tenant, host-nation, real property maintenance by contract (RPMC), Sustainment, Restoration, Modernization, & Demolition (SRMD), and/or military construction (MCP/MILCON) programs/projects.

Projects are typically associated with a wide variety of architectural and engineering facets which interface with other technical specializations and are typically large or complex. Facilities involved are used to carry out a variety of operations and/or used for a number of different activities.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Apply standard engineering theory and practices to assigned projects and adapts standard practices on more complex features confronted.

  • Conduct site/facility surveys to gather preliminary information and validate requirements.

  • Conduct studies and economic analyses of new proposals to assist in determining the feasibility of renovation or modification versus new construction to meet requirements and to assist in determining if funding and/or scheduling conflicts exist.

  • Create project programming documents such as programming forms, funding forms, formal presentation drawings, cost estimates and other supporting documents for justification and request for approval by the Government.

  • Use cost estimating tools (such as PACES and RS Means) to produce government estimates.

  • Coordinate projects with the customer, other engineers, or architects in a variety of disciplines.

  • Follow federal, state, and local codes concerning health, safety, and the environment during the programming of real property facilities.

  • Use computers/computer software such as information management programs, computer aided design and drafting (CADD) programs.

  • Develop, manage, and update online, active computer network systems such as the Automated Civil Engineer System (ACES) and TRIRIGA to monitor Civil Engineering projects from inception to completion.

  • Ensure information originated locally is immediately available to higher headquarters

  • Keep abreast of emerging technologies to ensure programmed development will not prematurely become obsolete.

  • Work with organizational managers, budget personnel, customers, and engineering/architectural authorities to develop proposed facility programs/projects.

  • Use effective communication skills and builds good working relationships to ensure approach used covers all aspects associated with the project/program planning process.

  • Develop presentations and advocate for program items to the installation facility board and higher reviewing activities.

  • Develop and submit appropriate forms such as Base Civil Engineer Work Request and the Military Construction Project Data for validation

  • Perform requirement programming in support of base development for O&M military construction programs (MCP), non-appropriated fund (NAF), military family housing (MFH), etc.

  • Validate requirements, perform economic analyses, and coordinate with the installation facilities board.

  • Provide support to include updating the TRIRIGA weekly inputs, prepare monthly execution and percent design reports.

  • Facilitate and organize Telephone Conferences, Video Telephone Conferences, Defense Connect On-line Conferences of Programming, Planning, Budget, and Execution for base Programs Flight Chiefs.

  • Assist in developing or revising programming documents to include Integrated Priority Lists (IPL), DD Forms 1391, Program Objective Memorandum support data, Comprehensive Planning Platform (CPP) project streamlining, and justification data to support the program objectives.

  • Assist in developing business process reengineering/transformation plans, program transition plans, responding to Air Staff requests for information, and provide data as required.

  • Provide technical liaison support between 28 CES and individuals or groups involved in the planning, programming, and/or execution of 28 CES initiatives including but not limited to, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Major Commands (MAJCOM), and other sub-organizations.

  • Other duties as assigned

Required Skills

  • Bachelor’s degree from an ABET (accreditation board for engineering and technology Inc) school in engineering in one of the following curriculums: Mechanical, Electrical, Civil.

  • Ability to plan, organize, and lead others in studies, record and manage the processes and documentation, and to negotiate effectively with management to accept and implement recommendations, where proposals involve substantial resources and require extensive changes in established concepts and procedures.

  • Ability to communicate fluently in English both orally and in writing; negotiate complex issues; and maintain good working relationships.

  • Ability to provide professional cost estimating calculations and professional cost estimating documents that can be provided for contracts and professional project development.

  • Minimum 3 years of experience utilizing engineering techniques in the operations, maintenance, repair, or construction of infrastructure facilities, including buildings and utility systems.

    It is the policy of PAR to prohibit all forms of discrimination and to affirmatively implement equal opportunity to all qualified employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, age, veteran status, national origin, disability, marital status, predisposing genetic characteristics, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other legally protected status and positive action shall be taken to insure the fulfillment of this policy.

    If you require reasonable accommodation in the application process, call Human Resources at 315.356.2260. All other applications must be submitted online. #RRC

Required Experience