Pizza Hut Assistant Manager in Hot Springs, South Dakota


  • Oversee and manage all areas of the restaurant and make final decisions on matters of importance to guest service.

  • Adhere to company standards and service levels to increase sales and minimize costs, including food, beverage, supply, utility and labor costs.

  • Responsible for ensuring that all financial (invoices, reporting) and personnel/payroll related administrative duties are completed accurately, on time and in accordance with company policies and procedures.

  • Responsible for ensuring consistent high quality of food preparation and service.

  • Maintain professional restaurant image, including restaurant cleanliness, proper uniforms, and appearance standards.

  • Estimate food and beverage costs. Work with Corporate office staff for efficient provisioning and purchasing of supplies. Supervise portion control and quantities of preparation to minimize waste.

  • Estimate food needs, place orders with distributors, and schedule the delivery of fresh food and supplies.

  • Ensure positive guest service in all areas. Respond to complaints, taking any and all appropriate actions to turn dissatisfied guests into return guests.

  • Ensure that proper security procedures are in place to protect employees, guests and company assets.

  • Ensure a safe working and guest environment to reduce the risk of injury and accidents. Completes accident reports promptly in the event that a guest or employee is injured.

  • Manage shifts which include: daily decision making, scheduling, planning while upholding standards, product quality and cleanliness.

  • Investigate and resolve complaints concerning food quality and service.

  • Provide direction to employees regarding operational and procedural issues.

  • Prepare schedules and ensure that the restaurant is staffed for all shifts.


  • Knowledge of computers (MS Word, Excel).

  • Proficient in the following dimensions of restaurant functions: food planning and preparation, purchasing, sanitation, security, company policies and procedures, personnel management, recordkeeping, and preparation of reports.

  • Must be ServSafe certified.

  • Will uphold all ServSafe guidelines.

  • High school diploma or GED required.