Trussbilt LLC Production Inventory Assistant in Huron, South Dakota

Principal ResponsibilitiesiResponsible for overseeing inventory flows within Trussbilt.i Will coordinate the outflow and inflow of inventory, as well as shipment, loading and storage activities.iTasks:Monitor materials and supplies.Will confer with engineering, technical and manufacturing personnel.Fill out business and required government forms.Maintain records, reports and files.Inspect materials, products, or equipment to detect defects or malfunctions.Package goods for shipment or storage.Take messages with regards to with regards to incoming or outgoing materials.Examine products or work to verify conformance to specifications.iiQualifications and StandardsSkills:Must be capable of operating forklifts and their attachments and be able to pass the written and driving exams.Must possess good math skills.Must be literate in English.Must be able to follow verbal and written instructions.Must practice time management, managing oneis own time.Must be capable of standing and walking extended periods of time.Must understand and follow company policies as stated in the employee handbook. Must be capable of using scanners, telephones and warehouse machinery.Must be able to communicate information and ideas in speaking so others will understand.Must be able to recognize when there is or may be a problem as well as how to solve it.Must be able to lift and move production materials at shoulder height.Must have acceptable and/or correctable vision.iWork Context:75 % of your day will be exposed to loud noise.i Ear plugs are advised but not mandatory at this time.You will be in contact either in person, on the phone or otherwise approximately 100% of your work day.You will have frequent face-to-face discussions.Your work is almost entirely indoors.i Heated in the winter, but not air conditioned in the summer.You will be required to wear safety glasses, steel toed shoes at all times and other PPE as required by your work on the production floor.Typical work week is 40 to 50 hours per week.i Schedules may vary between 4 or 5 10-hour days.