Avera Revenue Cycle Audit Analyst in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

JOB SUMMARY: The Patient Advocate for automobile and liability claims is responsible to plan, organize, and implement claim handling services related to automobile insurance and similar property casualty insurance for patients and families. Responsible to screen patient records and documentation to determine availability of property casualty insurance, and follow up on any identified applicable insurance. Maintain knowledge base of applicable insurance technical aspects, including maintaining a thorough understanding of legal requirements governing insurance and hospital liens. Responsible to maintain regular communication with all involved parties including patients, insurance adjustors, attorneys, and other similar parties to ensure payment from insurance claims is received and applied appropriately. Negotiate reimbursement with 3rd parties including insurance adjustors or attorneys representing patients' liability and bodily injury claims. Responsible for identifying other insurance or payer sources to be applied to patient accounts, tracking, and communicating issues with account registration for the purpose of reducing of claim denials, increasing efficiency, and improving work methods.


· Bachelor's Degree in finance, healthcare business, or administration/management required.

· Two years experience in healthcare or automobile and liability insurance verification required.