Vermillion City Firefighter/Paramedic in Vermillion, South Dakota

GENERAL PURPOSE: Under general supervision of department officers, a Firefighter/Paramedic will maintain the assigned station, apparatus, equipment, and supplies in a state of readiness. A Firefighter/ Paramedic will mentor, train and/or orient other Fire and EMS division crewmembers and will be a strong leader. A Firefighter/Paramedic will respond to medical emergencies and provide prehospital Advanced Life Support care to victims of injury or illness. A Firefighter/Paramedic is ordinarily the highest medical authority at an emergency medical scene and as such, makes medical decisions based on standing orders, protocols and orders from on-line and off-line medical direction. A Firefighter/Paramedic will perform firefighting, rescue, and hazmat duties as required. EXAMPLE OF DUTIES: Performs complex diagnostic and medical procedures including, but not limited to: intravenous cannulation, endotracheal intubation, recognition of cardiac arrhythmias and administration of various medications. Drives and operates emergency apparatus as assigned. Accurately completes written Fire and EMS reports and relays verbal reports on patient care to hospital emergency departments. Comprehends and documents complete and accurate patient histories. Utilizes city computer system for patient care documentation, record keeping, pre-incident planning, and other job-related functions. Mentors, trains and/or orients crew members to Fire and EMS operations; conducts departmental training sessions on topics related to the employee's job functions.Performs thorough, daily inspections of assigned apparatus; notifies station officer of any condition requiring repair or maintenance. Ensures inventory of supplies, equipment, and medications is complete; assures that apparatus, equipment, and records are properly maintained. Cleans and performs general maintenance of emergency medical and fire equipment and fire stations. Participates in firefighting duties as assigned, according to the Paramedic/Firefighter's certification level as described in the minimum qualifications section and duties as outlined in the Certified Firefighter job description. Lays hose lines, operates nozzles, pumps and hydrants; utilizes fire extinguishers and performs other actions to suppress fire; operates hydraulic, pneumatic, manual, and power tools. Participates in salvage operation and post fire operations; uses salvage covers, floor runners and other related equipment to reduce property damage from heat, smoke, fire, gases, and water. Participates in drills and training evolutions as directed. Participates in fire and life safety inspections of commercial and residential properties; checks operating condition of hydrants. Responds to scenes of accidents or acute illness for which emergency medical care has been requested. Transfers, lifts, and moves patients while employing appropriate safety and lifting techniques. Responds to hazardous material incidents at an awareness level and responds to other calls for assistance as requested by the public. Participates in public education programs in schools, civic groups, and other community areas as requested. Drives and operates fire apparatus under the direction of department officers.Participates in daily physical training. Performs related duties as required. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS Education and Experience:Must have high school diploma or the equivalent (GED). Minimum of one year of experience as a certified EMT. Certification and licensure as a Paramedic by the State of South Dakota and the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (Must maintain NR-P throughout employment). Must maintain state-mandated continuing education requirements, including current American Heart Association (AHA) certification in Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS). Certified South Dakota Firefighter within six months of hire (Pro Board and IFSA